Design: Mauro Lipparini

Polygonal shapes and irregular circles are generated by contrasting elements, in abstract graphic compositions at once dynamic and elegant. Composed of closely set lines in solid wood, the tabletop showcases solar forms and cutouts in surfaces with two different finishes: one in Corten stainless steel, the other in enamel. The particular features of these materials create the expressive lexicon for Talamone. A personal, idealized interpretation of the Mediterranean ambiance comes into contact with lilting oriental nuances, resulting in a layering of chromatic signs and accents, all signatures of the multicultural language of our time. The composed and irregular surface contours exemplify a level of modern craftsmanship that embodies the primordial art of composition.

Technical Drawing


STRUCTURE: zinc-coated metal, epoxy powder coating, colours corten and olive.
TOP: solid iroko wooden laths with water-repellent vegetable oils finish and zinc-coated metal, epoxy powder coating, colours corten and olive.
TRAY: epoxy powder-coated aluminium in the colours corten and olive.

Technical Sheet