Design: Mauro Lipparini

The Punta Ala outdoor sofa, characterized by its enveloping and rigorous elementary geometric shapes, has a fundamental structure in metal, conceived as a delicate and sturdy basket that serves to accommodate supple cushions, which convey a feeling of pleasurable relaxation. Punta Ala emphasizes the juxtaposition between the rigid tubular lines of the load-bearing shell and the simple, soft volumes of the seating area, employing a lexicon of compositional purity that yields a sofa of nimble and airy conception. The elaborate weave and warp of the straps, unique in this genre, establishes its own aesthetic leitmotif. The straps, which originate from a sole ribbon, come together in succession in the backrest, a seamless braiding that produces a dynamic and distinctive zigzag pattern. The resulting sensation is one of lightness and freshness: a marine breeze that caresses and reinvigorates. The originality and strong identity of the individual features, along with the union between relaxation and aesthetic pleasure that can be perceived at first glance, make Punta Ala a sofa with which to feel at ease – a design solution that underscores the objective of creating pieces of pronounced sensitivity, subtle protagonists with innate grace. Satellite elements are available that can be autonomously integrated with the structure: minimal protrusions, small promontories formed from functional surfaces in solid wood, meet the various needs of domestic arrangement along the entire posterior and lateral perimeter of the sofa like rhythmic punctuation, allowing for a variety of creative compositions.

Technical Drawing


STRUCTURE: zinc-coated metal, epoxy powder coating, colours corten and olive.
SPRINGING: plywood okumè.

SEAT, BACK AND ARM CUSHIONS: high resilient, waterproof, multi-density non-deformable polyurethane foam. Inner cover in breathable and waterproof polyester, which improves protection from water and moisture. Back and arm cushions have a weighted insert to increase stability.

SEAT, BACK AND ARM CUSHIONS: open-cell expanded polyurethane DRYFELL S covered with 3D filter lining.

PILLOW: polyester fibre covered with waterproof laminated canvas and breathing net to allow water draining.
BELT: beige or grey polypropylene.
SHELF: structure in zinc-coated metal, epoxy powder coating, colours corten and olive; top in solid iroko wood with water-repellent vegetable oils finish.
ARM HEIGHT: 63 cm.

ATTENTION: the upholstery cannot be exposed to constant and heavy rains. We suggest using our protective covers made of breathable and waterproof polyester marine canvas, ideal to prevent mould formation. They can be washed with neutral detergent. Please do not fold wet covers and store them only when dry.

Technical Sheet