Design: Mauro Lipparini

The detail makes the design. In the planning and construction of the Big Night bed, the angular clasp is the focal point. The fold of the headboard is a spontaneous, natural gesture: it expresses the ancestral discovery that surfaces could be modeled, the concrete action from which a concept comes into being. It’s the very gesture of fingers pinching together that suggests how to keep the shape of the fold stable, through the use of a fibula, a U-shaped metallic clasp realized with exquisite metalwork – a minimalist accessory with a clean and rigorous shape. The clip pinches the edges of the continuous surface of the covered panel, generating an overhang in the fold and enhancing the well-tailored qualities of the fabric. This exactingly crafted embellishment is duplicated in the corners of the bed frame, becoming fibula and foot alike. The headboard is a meticulous rectangular-shaped panel, folded on the sides, at once a protective niche and a refined aesthetic element. The vast, generous lenticular surfaces are taut yet accommodating, enhancing the experience of intimate comfort that makes the night an endless adventure. More than a bed to sleep on, Big Night is a stage where personal stories can unfold.

Technical Drawing


STRUCTURE: wood; slatted base.
UPHOLSTERY: multi-density expanded polyurethane foam covered with synthetic lining 180gr.
HEIGHT: 25 cm (slatted base), 35 cm (bedframe).
FEET: burnished metal with transparent finish or varnished micaceous brown or oxy grey, h. 13,5 cm.
ATTENTION: the cover is not removable. In the leather version, the back of the headboard is produced in fabric collection Basmati (cat. B/C) with embroidery of “af” logo. As an alternative, the fabric can be replaced by the same leather of the rest of the cover, with extra charge. In this case, there is no logo embroidery. Also in the fabric version there is no logo embroidery.

Technical Sheet